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Xibus cuts testing times to hours.

Xibus test workflow methods are similar to current accepted bacterial safety testing. Larger sample volumes are standard for Xibus tests.  Unlike PCR, Xibus tests is capable of evaluating tens of milliliters of sample rather than microliters. PCR is a destructive test.  Our test captures the bacteria making them available for further testing if desired.

Methods are simple and affordable.

Using patented biomolecules, licensed exclusively from MIT, joined to proprietary super-fluorescent beads, custom bacterial growth media, and AI-enhanced analytical software, Xibus has dramatically reduced the total time for pathogen detection to 10 hours or less.
The labeled beads uniquely target only the subject pathogen.  Customary or Proprietary media retards background bacteria growth while enhancing the growth of the target pathogen. Al enhanced software helps avoid false positives and improves sensitivity.

How we do it.

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