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Safe food is central for sustainability.

The availability of safe food and clean water is key to achieving sustainable societal and economic security. According to the World Health Organization worldwide annually 1 in 10 fall ill from contaminated food…420,000 people die…one third are children…at a cost of $110 Billion in medical expenses and lost productivity every year

Enormous pressure on the supply chain.

Food begins deteriorating at the moment of harvest.

It is a never-ending race to transport food from the field through processing and distribution to the family table unspoiled.   Microorganisms naturally occur in food. Pathogenic bacteria are also present. 

Bacterial testing is used to ensure food safety.

Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli are some of the most common disease-causing pathogens.  Food and the equipment used to process or package them are tested for their presence.  More than $8 billion per year is spent on pathogen testing.

Food testing takes a day or more to get results.

Traditional plating methods takes many days for results.  Modern PCR testing can take a day from beginning to results. To ensure quality and freshness, food companies face pressure to release product into the supply chain prior to testing results.
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