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Revolutionizing food and beverage safety.

There is a constant race to test foods for disease causing bacteria before they are shipped or spoil. Our pathogen detection system revolutionizes the speed and accuracy of food bacterial detection.
With the integration of proprietary engineered bio-molecules, super fluorescent nano-beads, custom bacterial growth media, and AI we are revolutionizing food safety.

Unprecedented integration of bioengineering, nanotechnology, and AI.

An experienced team committed to sustainability, public health, and food safety.

Xibus Systems is a venture-backed startup company located in the Boston metropolitan area. The core technologies are MIT licensed biomolecules, company developed super fluorescent beads, custom growth media, and AI analytical software.
Xibus Systems combines these core technologies to detect pathogenic bacteria in foods and beverages with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

For information or career opportunities contact us.

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