Food and beverage safety from source to consumer.

Food and beverage safety remains a multibillion problem littered with health costs, product recall costs and reputational damage. These impacts continue despite being addressed by a multibillion dollar ecosystem of technology and service providers. More reliable, faster, cheaper and more accessible solutions are needed to mitigate billions of direct and indirect cost. Xibus Systems is taking an entirely new technical approach to address this challenge.

What we're doing about it.

Via a combination of materials, biotechnology and optics IP, we are developing a microbiological testing solution applicable to pathogens, allergens and spoilage organisms. The core technology enables quantitative and array-based tests for high throughput, low component and overall solution cost, best in class time-to-result, and a hardware design road-map including small footprint and handheld form factors. The combination of consumables incorporating our proprietary materials and biological agents, low-cost hardware and analytics we're developing is uniquely positioned to serve the market.

More to come soon...


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